Old School 500

Top 10 Now & Then Presents the Old School 500, 500 of the greatest Old School songs ever!

Tabulated nationwide from Rhythmic Oldies and Adult Urban radio station playlists, the Old School 500 is more than just a countdown, it tells the stories behind the hits, from the people who made the music, spotlighting 450 interviews in 45 hours of great radio!

It’s the perfect programming solution for a holiday weekend, maybe the week between Christmas and New Years, how about Thanksgiving? This is the kind of special programming you could run anytime!

The Old School 500 can slide easily into your programming schedule. Available via easy barter, you keep 12 minutes per hour for your local spots and promos. We take just 2 minutes per hour. You can run the Old School Countdown as many times as you’d like throughout the year.

The Old School 500 Countdown delivers the music your listener’s love and the content and quality of the entire 45 hour package is simply put, compelling radio! Don’t your listeners deserve the best?

Share the music, share the memories, and share the fun of the Old School 500 CD with your listeners now!

For more information contact oldschool500@format3000.com