Our Neighborhood

“We put a lot of research into the Top 10 Now & Then Countdown
each week so we thought we would share some of our favorite sites with you
in case you want to check our facts or just bone up on your musical knowledge.
If you enjoy them let us know and if you have a site you would like to share with us…hit us up!”

Soul Trackswww.soultracks.com
All Music Guidewww.allmusicguide.com
Reel Radiowww.reelradio.com
Ultimate Black Music Database – www.soulandfunkmusic.com
Urban Buzzwww.theurbanbuzz.com
Soul Sideswww.soul-sides.com
Girl Groupswww.surf.to/girlgroups
Age Gaugewww.frontiernet.net/~cdm/age1.html
Brown Pridewww.brownpride.com
Viva Hollywoodwww.vivahollywood.com
Urban Networkwww.urbannetwork.com
Football Poolwww.ogpool.com
1 Hit Wonderswww.onehitwondercentral.com
I Miss the 80’swww.imissthe80s.com
Internet Movie Databasewww.imdb.com
Joel Whitburnwww.recordresearch.com
Soul Searchwww.soulsearch.net
Reel Radiowww.reelradio.com
0’s Motownwww.sixtiesmotown.co.uk
Soul Men & Womenwww.soulmen.net
Soul Patrolwww.soul-patrol.com
Celebrity Linkwww.celebrity-link.com
Jazz Not Jazzwww.jazz-not-jazz.com
440 Satisfaction440int.com/440sat.html
Motown Storywww.bsnpubs.com/motown/motownstory.html
Soul Across Americawww.soulacrossamerica.com
Soul Musicwww.soulmusic.com
Radio Locatorwww.radio-locator.com
This Day in Musicwww.thisdayinmusic.com
Lost Sessionshome.earthlink.net/~lostsessions
Rock & Roll Hall of Famewww.rockhall.com
Rhythm & Blues Foundationwww.rhythm-n-blues.org
Arts & Letterswww.aldaily.com
All But Forgotten Oldieswww.allbutforgottenoldies.net
Guerrilla Funkwww.guerrillafunk.com
Urban Insitewww.urbaninsite.com

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